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Homelessness from Sedibeng

The Homelessness from Sedibeng Regional Municipality embarked in a whole day protest in Savana City on Friday 23 September 2016 where the housing Settelment Minister was going to allocate only four houses for elders. 

There are hundreds of houses remain empty without being allocated while there are people who applied since 1996.  People want houses now or they will allocate themselves.

The demand is "You give or we take!"

"Aluta continue"


Comrads in Solidarity with the homeless what is the role of your organisation and how is it supported?

According to our goverment you only qualify to get an RDP house if you earn less than R3 500. How about persons who earn between R4 000 and R10 000 who do not qualify for a bonded housen according to the National Credit Act those people must remain homeless untiul Jesus comes

According to me rental does not solve the problem of homelessness.

We need land so that we can build our own houses without depending on the RDP programme.

Comrads, we understand that some of you are attending churches. Please comrads, let us participate. Everyone is expected to give us inputs. Let us share the struggles that we are facing in our communities and come up with the solutions on how we are going to deal with those issues

Thank you comrades

The Advice Centre is assisting the homeless with their Constitutional rights to organise, mobilise and protest

Bricks from Orange Farm Human Rights Advice Centre